Become a Better Skier Your First Week on the Slopes

With winter approaching rapidly, now is the time to get ready for a season of skiing. Whether you ski for pleasure or for competition, there are always ways to improve how well you handle the slopes.  Many people only have a limited amount of time on the mountains, so here are a few tips towards becoming a better skier in just five days:

First, keep in mind that skiing is a cardio-intensive sport – this means it’s time to get fit.  Before you begin your skiing adventures, take the opportunity to set aside a certain amount of time per week to get a strategic workout in.  You should preferably create an even balance between cardio and weight-lifting so that you don’t over-push your body the first few days you start your workouts (pulling a muscle is not fun).  Skiing is all about endurance, so working your way towards running long-distance will greatly improve how well you end up skiing, or at least how long you last on the slopes.  Setting aside a one-month crash course that is designed to strengthen the areas you use most while skiing, like your legs and core, will help your muscles be prepared for the first day you ski.

Rosenkratz mountain

Winter is coming! Lets review some skiing tips so you’re ready to take on the stark cold of the slopes.

Second, make sure your equipment is updated.  Most skiing injuries result from overused skis.  If you’ve had your equipment for over six years, perhaps it’s time to freshen up.  Be sure your boots fit properly as well, because you’ll be on your feet for hours at a time and you want to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible.

Another tip would be to drink plenty of water.  You may be on vacation, but try to hold back on your alcohol intake.  Remember, you’re at a high altitude, so it’s easy to overdo it the first night.  Water will help your body replenish after hours on the mountain, and it will give you the energy you need to last the day – alcohol will do just the opposite.  A better idea would be to hold the champagne until after your week of skiing, celebrate your success at the end of your time on the slopes, you’ll feel way better about yourself.  Besides, you don’t want to pull a muscle, which is much easier to do when your body is dehydrated from drinking alcohol.

Lastly, conservation is key.  Don’t overwhelm yourself the first day of skiing, back off if you’re feeling tired.  One of the most important things an athlete can do is listen to his or her body, this includes recognizing signs of fatigue and muscle strain.  Rotate between pushing yourself for an hour and then taking a long break.  The worst thing you could do is get an injury the first day of skiing because you were over-amped about nailing that jump – easing into it is the way to go.

Following these simple tricks will help improve your skiing abilities for your first week on the mountain.  Remember, this is a time to have fun, so don’t push yourself past your limits.  Slow it down to fully enjoy the beauty of the mountains, make every breath worthwhile.


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March Skiing

The Sochi Games are now behind us, and much of the United States will soon be poised to emerge from this long, cold, and snowy winter. This past February was no doubt eventful; the festivities that were the Sochi Olympic games seemed a clear reflection of the frosty conditions here at home. But just because time has begun pushing us away from February and towards March; away from winter and into spring- this does not mean that we have to give up the pleasures of those gelid months. And what pleasure can possibly accompany those wintry chills?

Skiing, of course.

Just because the seasonal rebirth is on our doorstep, does not mean that we can’t ski during the month of March. The cold looks like it is going to be sticking around for at least part of March, and according to the Gloucester Times’s Dave Sartwell, good skiing in March is available. Sartwell reminds us that the cold isn’t such a bad thing; these freezing conditions are keeping particularly snowy mountains rather productive, and the continuous snowfall has been keeping the surface on the trails fresh and in solid condition. Also, the snow that constitutes the base at many of these resorts is not melting- definitely a good thing. Sartwell is also kind enough to share some of the best ski resorts to visit in March and throughout the spring.

  • Killington: Killington is promoting some notable deals that are valid from mid-March till the end of the season. Their early April Bear Mountain challenge is a stunning showcase of amteur talent. Music at night is also a huge contributor to its relaxed atmosphere.

  • Okemo Mountain Resort: Early March sees Amp Energy Light the Night Rail Jam. Like Killington’s Bear Mountain challenge, the Rail Jam is a fantastic place to see amateurs’ mastery of the terrain.

  • Bretton Woods: Great deals that seem to stay in theme with St. Patrick’s Day and Patriots Day. Also promotes a “Beach Day” where skiers are encouraged to wear beach attire.

  • Cranmore Mountain Resort has stacked some serious incentives for skiing with them during the Spring skiing season, for both short-term skiers and those seeking season long commitment.

  • Mt. Sunapee: Offers deals each day of the week. Mondays run a deep discount for all skiers; Tuesdays for ladies; a two-for-one special (two skiers for the price of one) on Wednesdays, and a sizable (read: 20%) discount on thursdays.

  • Waterville: On April 1, prices are $1

  • Sugarloaf: Three-pack special (three-tickets for use on any day). They also host the Annual Bud Light Reggae Fest in mid-April; music and skiing abound.

  • Saddleback: Affordably fixed prices all days of the week, with discounts for kids, juniors, college students, seniors, and military. Wednesdays also feature a $10 bring-a-friend ticket.