Ski Anytime of the Year

Yes, yes, it is time for the weather to hang its wintry cloak in the closet and don the springtime suit. But before those skis get stored for a whole summer, take a look into some great spots for summer skiing on this side of the globe. Whether in the southern hemisphere or in the more polar of northerly locations, there is always a place for the avid skier. Lose not all hope of getting back out on the slopes and feeling the rush of the wind against your goggled eyes. Here’s to five more months of winter!

The Andes of South America are quite a good choice as they offer the longest mountain range in the world, and some of the highest slopes. Throughout Argentina and Chile, there are more socially-oriented, family-friendly ski resorts, and more secluded backcountry zones. The qualities of snow are a mix of compact and dry powdery snow. The Ski Portillo resort remains an uncrowded favorite due to a visitor cap they set at 450. It is also the oldest ski spot in South America.

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For those located in the United States and wishing to stay within borders, the Pacific Northwest offers a wide range of locations along the Cascade Mountains, which span from Oregon and Washington to British Columbia. The Timberline Ski resort features Mt. Hood, the highest elevation in Oregon, the most reputable site in the state for high-speed downhill skiing. It is also the only site in the country open and offering lift service year-round. Fun fact, the Timberline Ski lodge is a national landmark and the locale featured in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. For one of the largest skiing areas in the state, visit Mount Bachelor’s ski resort with peak heights of 2600 feet.


Just North of the Pacific states is the Blackcomb slope in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. With surprisingly warm temperatures and some of the steepest slopes it remains a trusted resort for the skilled skier. Elevations soar up to 7,500 feet where panoramic views of the valleys below are something to marvel at.

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Among the Swiss Alps stand some of the historically most impressive (and intimidating) mountains, and the highest ski resort in all of Europe, including that of the Matterhorn in Zermatt. Even during the summer months, while most of Europe is down by the Mediterranean, the Alps stay open for the keen skiers with the highest snow certainty in the continent. One can also visit idyllic mountainside villages and lakes along the grassier knolls of Switzerland for a break in the all-white scenery.