And Now For Something Completely Different

If you consider yourself to be an avid skier, chances are that you have some a favorite slope. Who knows, maybe you have two. But over at Popular Mechanics, Shannon Hassett has compiled a list of very unusual ski resorts. I’ll share a few here

Gulmarg (Kashmir, India): This ski resort is located in the westernmost parts of the Himalayas, so you know that height is a huge factor for these slopes. Each year, they are dumped with a ton of snow. The impeccable snow (or “curry powder” as skiers and snowboarders call it) is largely untouched for a reason. These are some incredibly high slopes, and as such, are reserved for the most advanced skiers and snowboarders. And if you have the daring and courage and iron endurance to make it to the top, you’ll do it by way of a special gondola. See, the highest slopes are accessible by a single gondola, which itself can be a rattly ride.

Woodward at Copper (Copper Mountain, Colorado): Skiing is great, we can all agree, yea? But the only thing better than that could be skiing available year round, and Woodward at Copper offers just that. Technically, it’s actually an extension of action sports camp, Camp Woodward. The skiing facility is more like a training ground for skiers and boarders alike, both on the hill and off the hill. À la carte sessions are available, but so are week-long training periods. And as I said before, the facility is indoors. I know what you may be thinking, “but its not the real thing!”. Yes, it’s not. But while it’s not the real experience, it’s probably better than nothing during those warmer months, and definitely better than waiting and wishing for snow.

Pic du Midi (Pyrenees, France): If you’re into skiing, theres probably a chance that you don’t mind exploring the great outdoors. Maybe you even love it. Maybe you love skiing, because exploring the natural world is a part of the experience! If that’s the case, Pic du Midi is a tailor-made skiing experience crafted on the peaks of the French Pyrenees itself. You know what makes Pic du Midi stand apart from all the other peaks in the range? It’s observatory. On the peak. It’s actually a relic from 1960’s NASA, where scientists took pictures of the moon in preparation for the Apollo landing. A cable car will actually take you to the observatory, where you can start gaze before signing a waiver to ski down the 3,000+ foot slope.

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