For the Love of It

It’s finally summer. Well not quite, as summer is officially another couple weeks away (11 days, to be exact). But here in New York, we’ve had a fulfilling memorial day weekend, and now the sun shines it’s warm countenance upon us, as we stow away parkas and pairs of mittens for bucket hats and boat shoes.

And what a relief the late spring/faux summer has been! Because when we weren’t skiing, winter for your average northeasterner meant braving the backbreaking, Herculean task of removing snow from the driveway, a frosty nip on the extremities when you realized you left your gloves at the office or at a party, more delays on trains and commuter rails then you could count, and if you’re a New Yorker, dealing with street slush and deftly sidestepping the accumulated pools of blackened, frosty gunk that made their homes on the shore of sidewalks’ concrete curb, like a beach cruelly designed to make to generally make the feet miserable, dampening socks and spirits alike.

But Hilary Saucy is far from the average northeasterner.

Saucy just finished her sophomore year at the University of Maine at Presque, and while she is committed to her studies, made sure to use the extra weeks of winter to her advantage, practicing her cross country skiing every chance she got. The college student has been practicing her craft since she was 13 years old. After receiving a pair of cross country ski’s one Christmas, she learned the ropes in her backyard, and began making trips to New York State in order to test her skills on official trails.

Before long, Saucy took a lesson when she was 17, and got even better. Now she trains for competitive skiing, and currently competes at national and college levels. Her most recent results? Two second-place finishes and a third-place finish. Oh, and that was her first shot competing at the Senior Level, where all the other competitors were older and more experienced than she.

As we covered in a previous post, just because we can bask on lawn chairs or soak up some rays on roofs, that does not mean hitting the slopes is a dead possibility for us skiing enthusiasts. Even when snow isn’t present in physical form, Saucy experiences it in spiritual essence- constantly training on drier ground to remain in peak physical condition. This includes cardio such as running and cycling, as well as strength exercises.

Always, do what you love!