June Skiing

For better or for worse, it seems that spring in the Northeast is finally here to stay. This winter was, no doubt, a long one. At first it may have started out like any other winter- the days getting ever so slightly shorter, the night seemingly inching back every single hour. And then before we knew it, it was night by five o’clock, and our commutes home were done in the cover of darkness. And as it got darker, the temperatures accordingly dropped, and as those temperatures tumbled that frigid change became as easily detectable in meters of mercury as surely as the sun dipped below the horizon even before we had a chance to leave the office. But then the temperatures kept falling, below what we expected. It just didn’t stop. And so we got a parade of weathermen and weather women telling us that the plunging temperatures and frosty conditions were the result of an old and forgotten phenomenon called “the polar vortex”. And while no one really bothered to explain it while abandoning the technical vocabulary and jargon of meteorologists, we all knew this icy menace was holding us in it’s cold grip for a bit longer than we would expect. And December was rough, and January, and February too. But by the time March came around, lots of breathed a collective sigh of relief, and expected a bit of a change from the wintry chill. But when the third month of the year provided no relief, we invested all our hopes in April. Sure, we got some great days, but on the whole it was a bit cooler than many of us would hope. But May is finally here, and the Sun King has come along with it, and happiness reigns supreme once more.

But it’s too often something’s absence that makes us realize how much we miss it’s presence. Remember a few months ago, when I wrote a post on the ways that a later winter meant beefed up skiing opportunities for the spring? Well Christian Science Monitor seems to have one upped me, as they have recently written about Colorado’s Araphoe Basin’s recent snowfalls (as much as 17 inches in the past few days). While many ski resorts have since closed, the Basin is wide open, and June skiing will be going strong. So it may be time to hit the road again! This time for skiing a little farther out west, in Colorado.