5 of the Most Breathtaking Ski Resorts in the World

If you love skiing as much as I do, the time of year is irrelevant when it comes to our favorite pass time. There is always somewhere around the globe where you can find some powder white slopes, and I’m here to give you my favorites.

Whether your ideal ski vacation includes zipping down the slopes or curling up with a mug of spiked cider, there’s a resort with your name on it. Here, ten incredible options.

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This 40-room resort perched over Grand Teton National Park boasts some serious amenities. (Hi, heated beds.) Still, the real reason to go is the breathtaking views, which you can spot from your private suite’s floor-to-ceiling windows–as well as the slopes themselves.


Over 60 percent of the runs on this Colorado mountain are specifically designed for newbies, and ski instructors are on hand to offer private lessons in how not to crash into trees. In other words: bring your kids (or your klutziest girlfriend).



With its diverse terrain, high elevation and plentiful snowfall, Zermatt is a serious skier’s dream come true. The Omnia hotel is built into a rock 148 feet into the air, and a tunnel and elevator transport guests directly from the lobby to the slopes.



This picturesque New England B&B is a golf resort by summer and ski destination by winter. The rooms are elegant, the spa is luxurious and the quaint library is made up of wood-paneled furniture and stone fireplaces where you can canoodle to your heart’s content.



This small town near Mont-Blanc in the French Alps has recently become quite the foodie hot spot. The luxurious Flocons de Sel is home to chef Emmanuel Renaut’s three-star Michelin restaurant, where you can chow down on smoked free-range egg yoke with mushrooms or langoustines in a violet-infused broth.

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Aspen Sees An Increase In Visitors


Aspen, a small city nestled in the Rocky Mountains and thought to be the heaven of skiing destinations. Home to luxurious resorts and breathtaking views Aspen, Colorado is not only a destination for domestic skiers but international skiers as well. Since the late the 20th Century, Aspen has also been a popular destination for celebrities of all backgrounds to escape the hectic lifestyles that they pursue. Although the city has plenty to offer it has seen a decrease in business over the last few seasons, but promising news has been delivered.

One of the main representative bodies of Aspen, the Aspen Skiing Company has reported that this winter, Aspen saw a 3% increase in visitors to the destination. During the annual Colorado Ski Country Meeting the announcement broughts signs of relief to the city, that has been stagnant over the past few seasons. Colorado Ski Country USA, the representative body for the actual resorts reports that the 21 Aspen Ski Resorts documented a record 5% growth in business this past season.

This season started off with cold temperatures in the fall, resulting in large snowmaking operations that were ideal for kicking off the winter months in the right way. Paired with perfectly timed storms, the weather was dangerously cooperative with this year’s ski season and it was just what the city of Aspen needed to get out of their rut. Warmer days spread out in the earlier months of 2016 didn’t hurt numbers at all due to fact that Aspen was so spoiled with the weather patterns. This season Aspen also saw an extended closing date which was great news for the Skiing community as a whole.

Although there was an increase in visitors overall, Aspen actually saw a decrease in international visitors. This can be attributed to a strong American Dollar that may have discouraged international markets and international travel overall. There is no signs of worry however, since Aspen has such an international presence in Ski Markets. The international market will bounce back in the near future which will only contribute to the positive statistics that have already been produced.

Look for Aspen to remain consistent in the seasons going forward, even with a large part of business contingent on the weather patterns and climate that “Mother Earth” chooses to produce.

For more on this, check out: http://www.aspentimes.com/news/22397069-113/breaking-news-aspen-skiing-co-says-its-visits

Best Ski Destinations In Europe

How to Become a Better Skier

As John Snow would say, “winter is coming.” Yes this may be an exaggeration, but with October coming to an end, ski season is upon us. For those of us looking to take their skiing to the next level, take a look at these seven helpful tips in how to improve your skiing. In this article, I highlight a variety of guidelines and strategies of how you can improve your ski game every time you hit the slopes. 

1. Buy the Correct Gear

First and foremost, understand that this is an outdoor sport. Many people either underestimate or overestimate the amount of layers they need to wear. When you are out on mountain, you want to feel as comfortable as possible. Make sure you are wearing a variety of layers. Do not make the mistake of overdoing this. Wearing too many bulky layers can oftentimes compromise your mobility.

As for equipment, this tip is tailored more for the advanced skiers out there. Start off by backwards planning which mountain you are looking to ski. Whether you are focused on skiing freestyle runs, skiing in the backcountry, or hitting kickers in the park, it is crucial you know the terrain. Having knowledge of that type of style and setting will help you with your decision in which ski equipment you want to get. If you want to learn more about ski gear, check out the link here

2. Know the Basics, Practice the Fundamentals

Unless you took an introduction class on skiing that goes over the turns, stops, and jumps, you will never be able to ski better than what you are now. Practicing these rudimentary ski skills will allow you to manipulate your game for the better. To do this, start off by pushing yourself little by little.  For example, if you have a tendency to make wide long terns, push yourself to make shorter quick turns instead. 

3. Get Fit and Increase your Strength

Skiing is an incredibly strenuous sport. While at times it can be done for leisure, the setting and muscle strength you need to perform is incredibly high. Skiing requires that you have strong legs, abs, and chest. It is therefore imperative for you to keep a good level of fitness. The main areas to work on in the gym are increasing your overall core strength, flexibility, agility, and most importantly your leg strength. 

4. Push Yourself Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Like any thing in life, if you want to master something, you need to test yourself beyond the boundaries every so often to develop your skills, confidence, and strength. One way to become a stronger skier is to follow and watch skiers who are more advanced than you. Learn from them. Ask them questions. And if possible, try and see if you can ride the slopes with them. Remember, as good as you are, you always want to adapt your style. Good skiers are able to perform at a variety of conditions and terrains. 

5. Take a Lesson

No matter how much skiing and training you have done, you can always learn something new and improve your skills. Remember, even professional skiers have coaches and trainers by their side to help them improve their game. Take a look into short private lessons or a 10 or 12-week course. You will be shocked at how much you can improve. 

6. Be realistic with your Goal

It is fantastic that you want to improve your skiing, but at the end of the day you want to be realistic of your abilities. Keep in mind how long it took you to master just going up and down the hill. Be tangible and choose goals that you can achieve. In addition, make sure they are challenging enough to push you as a skier.  

7. Be Confident and Push Yourself

When learning or improving a skill, people often find the task to be difficult and, at times, frustrating. Try not to let this bring you down. There is a strong learning curve, but it does not mean it is impossible. Do not underestimate your ability to learn. Focus on the positive aspects of your skiing and learn from the negatives. Use those negatives as opportunities for growth. And of course practice!

California Ski Destinations

California has plenty of options to offer when searching for a destination to ski. It is important to first decide what it is that you are looking for when planning a ski trip to California. Are you hoping for the big mountain feel or a small and intimate local atmosphere?

This list exemplifies just a few of the numerous locations California has to offer it’s skiing community.

Badger Pass Ski Area – California’s original ski area, Badger Pass, is located in one of California’s most beautiful national parks, Yosemite. Badger Pass is a full-service ski resort who offers ski and snowboard instruction, rental equipment, childcare, and even a cafeteria/lounge. If you are a beginner skier or just not yet as comfortable on the slopes as you would like to be, then Badger Pass is the place for you, with 85 percent of its’ slopes devoted to beginner and intermediate levels. They also offer a course for mini skiers ages 4-6 called Badger Pups, making Badger Pass a great destination to travel with the whole family.

Heavenly – Heavenly Ski Resort is located on the California-Nevada border in South Lake Tahoe. Heavenly is one of the world’s largest ski resorts, set on Tahoe Lake’s south shore. With its’ spectacular views, the resort has the largest snowmaking and grooming fleet on the West Coast. It features multiple terrain parks, 94 trails and a 3,500-foot vertical drop.

Mammoth – Mammoth is located in Eastern California along the east side of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. It features 1,000’s of acres of terrain and an altitude that keeps things white into summer making it one of the longest ski seasons in North America. Mammoth has about 300 days of sunshine a year, so don’t forget the sunscreen as a part of your ski gear.

Sugar Bowl – Sugar Bowl is located in Norden, California. If you are particularly fond of backcountry skiing, then Sugar Bowl is the place for you. Sugar Bowl’s backcountry tours are professionally guided and give people the chance to participate in educational seminars, snowshoe hikes, and much more.

Boreal Mountain Resort – If you are looking for a smaller more intimate skiing experience, you must go to Boreal Mountain. Located just 80 miles from Sacramento, Boreal Mountain provides its’ skiers with night lighting and a sound system on the mountain to enhance your skiing experience. How cool is that?!