Aspen Sees An Increase In Visitors


Aspen, a small city nestled in the Rocky Mountains and thought to be the heaven of skiing destinations. Home to luxurious resorts and breathtaking views Aspen, Colorado is not only a destination for domestic skiers but international skiers as well. Since the late the 20th Century, Aspen has also been a popular destination for celebrities of all backgrounds to escape the hectic lifestyles that they pursue. Although the city has plenty to offer it has seen a decrease in business over the last few seasons, but promising news has been delivered.

One of the main representative bodies of Aspen, the Aspen Skiing Company has reported that this winter, Aspen saw a 3% increase in visitors to the destination. During the annual Colorado Ski Country Meeting the announcement broughts signs of relief to the city, that has been stagnant over the past few seasons. Colorado Ski Country USA, the representative body for the actual resorts reports that the 21 Aspen Ski Resorts documented a record 5% growth in business this past season.

This season started off with cold temperatures in the fall, resulting in large snowmaking operations that were ideal for kicking off the winter months in the right way. Paired with perfectly timed storms, the weather was dangerously cooperative with this year’s ski season and it was just what the city of Aspen needed to get out of their rut. Warmer days spread out in the earlier months of 2016 didn’t hurt numbers at all due to fact that Aspen was so spoiled with the weather patterns. This season Aspen also saw an extended closing date which was great news for the Skiing community as a whole.

Although there was an increase in visitors overall, Aspen actually saw a decrease in international visitors. This can be attributed to a strong American Dollar that may have discouraged international markets and international travel overall. There is no signs of worry however, since Aspen has such an international presence in Ski Markets. The international market will bounce back in the near future which will only contribute to the positive statistics that have already been produced.

Look for Aspen to remain consistent in the seasons going forward, even with a large part of business contingent on the weather patterns and climate that “Mother Earth” chooses to produce.

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